[(Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming)] [By (author) Dusty Phillips] published on (August, 2015)

Dusty Phillips

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[(Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming)] [By (author) Dusty Phillips] published on (August, 2015)

Python Object Oriented Programming By author Dusty Phillips published on August Python Object Oriented tutorialspoint Object Oriented Programming OOP in Python Classes Python documentation

  • Title: [(Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming)] [By (author) Dusty Phillips] published on (August, 2015)
  • Author: Dusty Phillips
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  • Page: 234
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    pickle Python object serialization Python The pickle module implements binary protocols for serializing and de serializing a Python object structure Pickling is the process whereby a Python object hierarchy is converted into a byte stream, and unpickling is the inverse operation, whereby a byte stream from a binary file or bytes like object is converted back into an object hierarchy. Built in Functions Python documentation ascii object As repr , return a string containing a printable representation of an object, but escape the non ASCII characters in the string returned by repr using x, u or U escapes This generates a string similar to that returned by repr in Python . bin x Convert an integer number to a binary string prefixed with b The result is a valid Python expression. Python Object Oriented Programming Dusty Phillips Python Object Oriented Programming Dusty Phillips on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The book begins with the very foundations of OOP and then uses practical examples to show how to correctly implement Object Oriented Programming in Python Many examples are taken from real world projects The book focuses on high level design as well as the gritty details of the Python Object Oriented Programming OOP in Python The object part in parentheses specifies the parent class that you are inheriting from on this below In Python this is no longer necessary because it is the implicit default Instance Attributes All classes create objects, and all objects contain characteristics called attributes referred to as properties in the opening paragraph. Welcome to Python The official home of the Python Programming Language Compound Data Types Lists known as arrays in other languages are one of the compound data types that Python understands. Download Python Python OpenPGP Public Keys Source and binary executables are signed by the release manager using their OpenPGP key The release managers and binary builders since Python . have been

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    One thought on “[(Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming)] [By (author) Dusty Phillips] published on (August, 2015)

    1. Jean-Charles F. on said:

      L'organisation est claire, la présentation est nette, mais l'auteur privilégie la précision à l'accessibilité. Sur certains chapitres, comme celui sur le polymorphisme, il m'a fallut aller voir sur StackOverflow pour comprendre le principe de base et revenir au livre dans un second temps.Autre critique: les exemples fournis pour illustrer les notions sont parfois plus compliqués à saisir que la notion elle-mêmeL'auteur est parfois un peu maladroit. Lorsque, finalement, on arrive a intég [...]

    2. Amazon Customer on said:

      I was at first uncertain whether investing in a Python OOP book resource would be worth the money given the vast quantity of free resources online. I'm glad I did! I have roughly one year of programming experience (less than that in Python) and this book is very digestible, even for beginners. The book is very straight forward and built around examples which helps in giving perspective to OOP concepts covered throughout the book. If you're new to Python I would definitely recommend this book onc [...]

    3. fusion on said:

      This book is great if you would like to learn more about Python and OOP, which I do. This is great for beginner/intermediate level programmers, but may be slightly lacking if you have a firm grasp on OOP design patterns, although this will definitely help an expert grapple Python for the first time.If you understand the material quickly, feel free to skip the "Case Study" at the end of every chapter. As with any programming book, you will be wasting your time if you don't put it to practice.

    4. Kittiquel on said:

      There are a few issues with the code samples provided with the book that will hopefully be sorted out in the next edition, if there will be one. Although I find it a fantastic introduction to object oriented programming concepts in general (very easy to follow and provides well thought out examples along with good principles), I can't get over how the author seems so self-involved. There are constant references to his blue eyes and "penchant for writing" throughout the chapters; reading the pa [...]

    5. Burkhard A. Meier on said:

      I am still in the middle of reading it and I can say that I truly value this book. I bought the Kindle version and was able to download the examples code on my laptop, which helps to overcome Kindle's small size limitations. I already applied some of the tips of this book to my professional work and am looking truly forward to the 2 chapters on Design Patterns in Python.Bruce Eckel wrote a free online book in 1999, but that book is outdated and unfinished.Personally, for the people who like both [...]

    6. Robin Gist on said:

      Python is a fairly easy language to pick up, but if you're coming from other OO languages (in particular C++, PHP or Java), and have a pretty strong background with objects, you may find that this book is right at your comfort level.First, there is a nice little intro chapter that should be called 'just enough UML'. The author gives you a most sensible fly by that is useful for those who aren't partial to having to generate CYA documentation in large companies. Use case fundamentals are relate [...]

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