Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts

Laura Benedict

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Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts

Calling Mr Lonely Hearts Growing up Roxanne Del and Alice tested the limits of their friendship with cruel and often dangerous games safe in the knowledge that they were bound together forever Now Alice s marriage is over

  • Title: Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts
  • Author: Laura Benedict
  • ISBN: 9780345497697
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Growing up, Roxanne, Del, and Alice tested the limits of their friendship with cruel and often dangerous games safe in the knowledge that they were bound together forever Now, Alice s marriage is over, and her husband is having a child with another woman Roxanne, an artist consumed by her work, is losing touch with her friends and perhaps with reality And Del is desGrowing up, Roxanne, Del, and Alice tested the limits of their friendship with cruel and often dangerous games safe in the knowledge that they were bound together forever Now, Alice s marriage is over, and her husband is having a child with another woman Roxanne, an artist consumed by her work, is losing touch with her friends and perhaps with reality And Del is desperate to be a perfect wife and adoring stepmother, but her friends see that her careful fa ade is crumbling.The instrument of their destruction is the enigmatic Varick He seems to be a lonely woman s dream come true, but as he seduces each of the women in turn, their lives become unrecognisable to them and their souls, perhaps irretrievable.Varick s secret lies buried in their shared past One simple, childish act has brought them, all these years later, to a place where their lives are at risk For once upon a time, the three of them agreed to tell a lie one that ruined a life And now they all must live with the consequences.

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    One thought on “Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts

    1. Tia on said:

      CALLING MR. LONELY HEARTS by Laura Benedict is a supernatural suspense, a genre that I only touch lightly here at Fantasy Debut. Usually, I like heroic tales of high adventure, which this book is decidedly not. But I loved it anyway. I couldn't put it downLLING is a complex tale about three women, Alice, Roxanne and Del. Alice is the ultimate follower--she would do anything that her hero, Roxanne, says. Roxanne relishes this power, and like all power, it corrupts her. Del is Roxanne's supportive [...]

    2. Diane on said:

      Laura Benedict is a new to me author. Her new book titled: Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts sounded intriguing, so I decided to get it from the library. From the title alone, I had no idea this book would be as creepy as it was.YIKES!About the bookAfter summoning a lover through a ritual part witchcraft, three 13-year-old Lolitas—Roxanne, Del and Alice—believe that their new teacher at Cincinnati's Our Lady of the Hills school, is the angel sent to deflower them. Roxanne successfully schemes to sed [...]

    3. Christie on said:

      I’ve tried to write a review for Calling Mr Lonely Hearts several times but every time I try to say what this book is about I get stuck. It could be summer brain; my mind just isn’t firing on all cylinders or it could be that I really don’t know what to say about Benedict’s book.We first meet Roxanne, Del and Alice in the park. Roxanne is casting a spell or conjuring a spirit. It’s really nothing more than a childhood prank, but it has serious repercussions for the three friends. We do [...]

    4. Josephine (Jo) on said:

      9th February 2011I was expecting this book to be supernatural and I enjoy being a little frightened, but this was just nasty! The characters were all unpleasant, damaged people with no redeeming features, there was no one to empathise with and some parts of the book were simply repellant. I am not in the least squeamish but found this distasteful. I am unlikely to read another of this author's books. I did read Isabella Moon which was supernatural but this has gone up several notches and was jus [...]

    5. Alicia Martell on said:

      So many people just loved this book, but I thought it was just tedious. The three main characters, Roxanne, Del, and Alice, are all either irksome or flat (or both). You feel more sympathy with the disintegrating priest than with the main characters, even though he's not exactly all that compelling either, because he never stops being somewhat dopey. I like to care when a character bites the dust, and I didn't with any of them. In fact, with each death, I grew more relieved, because it meant tha [...]

    6. Myvampfiction on said:

      review by SusanAshlea*Warning: possible spoilers ahead.*What goes around comes aroundYou reap what you sowNever have those phrases been more true than in Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts, the second novel by author Laura Benedict. This book tells the story of 3 friends - Alice, Del and Roxanne - and how their childish games and spells come back to haunt them in the worst possible way.Del, Roxanne and Alice all three agree to do a spell which Roxanne promises will bring them the perfect boyfriend to tak [...]

    7. Laurie on said:

      Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts was a dark tale of lies, revenge and the way they can eat at your soul. Roxanne, Del and Alice are teens at a private high school when the story begins. Bored with their lives, these 3 drastically different girls become interested in the arrival of a new priest. Roxanne, the ringleader of the group, is fascinated with the handsome Cuban priest named Romero. She leads the girls to spy on him and fantasizes about spending time with him. This thinking leads the girls to te [...]

    8. Angela Williams on said:

      This review and more can be found on my blogThis book was absolutely terrible, in my opinion. The characters were all extremely unlikable and didn't have one good or redeeming quality. I couldn't relate to a single character or find even one good quality in any of them. I I found myself not caring what happened to any of them. This book was so incredibly boring that I struggled to stay awake while reading it and couldn't wait for it to be finished just so I could move on to something else. I lit [...]

    9. Barbara ★ on said:

      This is a book that I would have given up on if it hadn't been a 5-star title. I didn't like any of the three girls - Roxanne, Delilah or Alice. They were all vindictive little bitches with evil intent. Roxanne was the instigator but the others followed like little disciples of satan. In the end I believe they got what they deserved but I don't think Romero should have blamed himself for the results of his own machinations. After all, the girls wronged him first and even without his intentions, [...]

    10. Jodi on said:

      Maybe it was because I listened to this as an audio but frankly, with friends like these women, who needs enemies? Each of the three women were nasty and mean and had been since childhood. As teens they ruined the lives of a priest (though he did all the ruining) and he decides to get revenge by calling on the devil, which he does pretty effectively. The reader was awful. I kept thinking that Varik (the devil-type) was a vampire from Transylvania because that was the accent. I didn't think the p [...]

    11. Susan on said:

      I forced myself to make it through 5 discs of the audio book before giving up. What a depressing book. Not one character had any redeeming qualities so I just didn't like any one enough to worry about all the horrible things happening to them. Sometimes when I don't like an audio book, I go get the printed version at the library to scan through and learn the ending but I didn't see any reason to depress myself any more than I already had.

    12. Tiffany Gadbois on said:

      I've never read a book where I hated every single character, until now. The main characters would best be described as ruthless, a pushover and pathetic. With that being said, I was intrigued enough to keep reading it to the end and they deserved their fate. I sided with evil.

    13. Dorsi on said:

      I almost stopped reading this book several times. It was very difficult to stay with. Very slow in parts. I will say that the story is original & the characters are well developed. The whole thing was entirely too dark for me & the ending (actually much of the book) was incredibly DEPRESSING!

    14. Karen Benson on said:

      Blech! I managed to choke down 100 pages and finally just gave up. I didn't care for a single character (and there were too many anyway). I thought it would be suspenseful, but it was just downright weird and it skipped around so much I couldn't even seem to follow the storyline.

    15. Laurie Stoll on said:

      Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts was a great surprise! I purchased this hardback book on a clearance sale some time ago. I was happily surprised at what a great read this book was.Definitely a page turner! Kept my attention and the mystery and suspense lasted throughout the entire story.

    16. Donna on said:

      Depressing!!! with a "thrown together ending" that was stupid. This is the last Benedict book I'm reading!

    17. Amber Jones on said:

      Creepy is the only thing I can say about this book. I don't think I would knowingly read another book by this author.

    18. Deb Godley on said:

      Not exactly a bucket of joy, this book.Here I was thinking it would be a nice little supernatural book but it was dark, at times suspenseful yet confusing- and savage.Nevertheless it was enjoyable, as far as one can enjoy dark and twisted tales with a closing reader statement of " what the hell just happened?".

    19. Laura on said:

      This one was not great. The revenge plot and supernatural aspects were never very clear or well explained. I never knew if Varrick was Satan himself, a demon, a magical person, a ghost who he was and what his motivations were were never explained. And the revenge he wrought for Romero, I never understood that either. However much responsibility you ascribe to the girls, Roxanne for seducing him and Alice for lying about being assaulted and Del for going along with it, they were children, only 13 [...]

    20. Cheryl Klein on said:

      This book may be the final straw in my habit of browsing the sparse shelves of my library's books-on-CD section for novels to listen to during my commute (next time I'll place something on hold that comes with good credentials). The subject matter--black magic, sinful priests, possession--is sensational, but the book is surprisingly boring. The prose lacks the shimmer of mystery that much less explicitly supernatural books deliver. Mr. Lonely Hearts is the story of three Catholic schoolgirls who [...]

    21. Veronica Noechel on said:

      I really, really wanted to like this book. Maybe my hopes were too high, or maybe the book was just so very predictable. I don't mind books with dislikeable protagonists. It can be a strong effect when it's done right, keeping the reader on wobbly ground, a little uncomfortable as you try to find your footing within the mind of someone you don't quite trust. Unfortunately, this attempt didn't work. I'm not saying I didn't have some sympathy for the girls, who areyou knowds taking their time to d [...]

    22. Kelli on said:

      This is a hard one to rate. It's been on my to-read list for some time, and I picked it up at the library even though supernatural fiction is not something I read very often. And I finished the book in two days, so I can't say there wasn't something gripping about it. But it's hard to say exactly what was gripping about it. There isn't anything particular stand-out about the prose, and the characters are, with a couple exceptions among some of the side characters, all uniformly awful and unsympa [...]

    23. Becca on said:

      I generally don't read horror novels, and I was reminded why with this book. Perhaps its unfair for me to rate it poorly in that I was disturbed by it, but I guess it's fair warning to those looking to read it. There's a central figure who's the embodiment of evil, and all sorts of terrible things happenrepeatedly. and I finished it feeling like I didn't gain anything. I did find the "end" of the main characters to be interesting and for me, unexpected. All in all, though, I wouldn't recommend t [...]

    24. Terri on said:

      This is a dark thriller about a group of people whose lives have become intertwined in a twisted skein of dysfunction. In the center of the knot are three girlhood friends, now all grown up and each having chosen a very different life. One is seriously unbalanced; one is a free-spirited artist; and the third is living a calmly married life. Early in their teenage years they performed a ritual to summon a boyfriend especially for them. The rest of the book may or may not be a result of the impact [...]

    25. Belinda Fry on said:

      I hated reading this book.t half of it was confusinge last half was vile. I don't mind reading Dean Koontz scary stuff, but this was truly awful. I cannot even imagine the imagination of the writerI hated all the characters.I kept thinking I would just chuck it, but I finished it and then tossed it was awfulwho thinks of this crap???? I am truly glad to be done with it and can't wait to take it back to the library.

    26. Robyn on said:

      I picked this up randomly at the library, being in the mood for something suspenseful and frivolous. It was well written, but a little genre-less. Unclear whether it was horror or fantasy or thriller or what. Entertaining enough, but read kind of like a movie script in its lack of characterization or other novel-like qualities.

    27. Liberty Abbott-Sylvester on said:

      This book gave me chills. I will never say, "I'd give anything if" You have to be careful what you wish for. You have to be careful what you trade your soul foris book centers around the lives of three girls, the choices they make and the consequences of those choices. This book is graphic, creepy and chilling and I would read it again.

    28. Sue on said:

      i really liked this bookl the twists and turns, wonderful. don't let the time it took me to read this make you think it wasn't good or a page turner! it most certainly wasere was too much life going on for me for a while is the only reason it took so long to finish. i would highly recommend this bookanks laura, you've done it again! great read!

    29. Sarah on said:

      I read 2/3 of the book, but I just felt no need to keep reading it. Some of it was interesting, I suppose, but it was not so gut-wrenchingly-absorbing that I wanted to even skim until the ending to see what happened.

    30. Terry Blane on said:

      This book was very overwhelming for me.I liked how Gothic this novel was and it was enticing to read. was more eerie and dark which I liked and the secrets that were revealed later on really did shock me as reader. It left me in suspense and i loved it!!!

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