Best Practices: Building Your Business with Customer-Focused Solutions

Arthur Andersen

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Best Practices: Building Your Business with Customer-Focused Solutions

Best Practices Building Your Business with Customer Focused Solutions What makes the world s top companies so adept at providing stellar customer service How do they meet the needs of every customer and still turn healthy profits And most important how can you adapt t

  • Title: Best Practices: Building Your Business with Customer-Focused Solutions
  • Author: Arthur Andersen
  • ISBN: 068484804X
  • Page: 272
  • Format:
  • What makes the world s top companies so adept at providing stellar customer service How do they meet the needs of every customer and still turn healthy profits And, most important, how can you adapt their practices to fit your business Thanks to over six years of ongoing research and an investment of 30 million, Arthur Andersen has created its Global Best Practices Database to uncover breakthrough thinking at world class companies Now, in Best Practices, Arthur Andersen for the first time shares its understanding of how than forty best practices companies focus on their customers, create growth, reduce cost, and increase profits Managers of any business in any industry can adapt and apply what those companies do best Unlike most books based merely on an author s own theories or limited anecdotal experience, Best Practices is backed up by 30,000 pages of active, documented data on hundreds of companies worldwide This book concentrates primarily on customers and how to involve them in everything from the design of products and services to marketing, selling, and product delivery Perhaps the greatest value of the book lies in its linking of best practices to business processes, thereby encouraging managers to expand their thinking and engage in creative problem solving with the help of insights from companies inside or outside their own industry For example, the manager of a clothing store chain can study how Federal Express adapted the concept of just in time manufacturing to its rapid delivery of parts between supplier and customer The owner of a small coffee shop chain might learn from American Express and Peapod how to target customers by offering particular products and predicting exactly when they will make their next purchases These and other examples will help business people diagnose the processes in place at their own companies and determine how best to improve them Comprehensive and on the cutting edge, Best Practices will serve as an invaluable information resource.

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    One thought on “Best Practices: Building Your Business with Customer-Focused Solutions

    1. None on said:

      This is definitely a worthwhile book to read. It contains many interesting, memorable case studies. In addition, each chapter summarizes with an "agenda" and a list of "Diagnostic Questions." These diagnostic questions are targeted to help detect suboptimal situations and begin the process of extraction. If this book has a downside, it's primarily in the first few chapters, which tend to be thinly-veiled advertisments for Andersen. But, once beyond this, the advertisments are stripped away, [...]

    2. None on said:

      No it doesn't take major working capital to build a successful marketing machine. It does require a focus on the details that are important to your customers. Before you squander working capital on fancy advertising campaigns, read this book. Then you will learn that spending your money on product formulation, service and support are the cornerstones to successful marketing. This book provides exceptional real world examples of how to grow a business by focusing on customer service soluti [...]

    3. None on said:

      The books quotes numerous examples. That's what the book is all about.Readers may use these as foundation point for implementing best practises in their own companies. Different companies have different situations.These ideas motivate one to perform well, often to surge ahead of the competition. Gives you the adrenaline pump to come out with the best.The importance of value-chain is emphasized by quoting examples of companies such as Lexus which managed continuity of service despite problem [...]

    4. None on said:

      Having read several CS books, this one breaks no new ground. Had this book come out five years ago, it would have been more useful. As is, the book seems terribly dated and not especially enlightening. If you've read nothing about customer sat, then this book is a good read.

    5. None on said:

      The book was very easy to read. The success stories of the companies were an enlightenment. If I plan to open my own business, I would definitely consider the processes discussed in the book. Excellent book for all businesses. It's a keeper.

    6. None on said:

      This book should have been titled "Best Practices,as Understood by AA". While there's good information on how others have focused on giving customers what they want, when they want it, where they want it and how they want; there's little new ground covered. Rather than looking inward to AA people for "Best Practices" the authors should have sought out cutting edge solutions and provided ways to implement. The promblem with corporate inbreeding is that you limit the intellectual gene pool.

    7. None on said:

      I think the main advantage of this book is providing a clear and easy way to approach what best-practice really means, specially when here, in Europe, we usually make very complex model from everything. A useful reading for consultants which in our continent are creating a very confusing best-practice consulting tools. The best: the idea of customer-center best-practices (better than all this re-engineering radical tools that fail most of times).

    8. None on said:

      I enjoyed the book very much. It was to the point and very direct. The companies' stories were extraordinary. I would recommend this book as a reading must.

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